Happy at Home Vet Care - About Dr. Rebecca Feiring

For me, becoming a veterinarian was less a career choice and more a path that I felt destined to follow. Some of my earliest memories include toddling up to whatever animals I happened to come across, watching them and wondering what they were feeling and thinking.


Growing up in Milwaukee, I filled my life with animals of all kinds, horseback riding, pet-sitting, working at a local vet clinic and finally getting my first dog, a wonderful beagle named Daisy.


While attending college at UW Madison, I became interested in animal behavior and took numerous classes on the subject through

Me and my best friend, Sheba

the animal science and psychology departments, including studies with the famed Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. I fell in love with Scotland after spending my junior year of college abroad at the University of St. Andrews, and after graduating from UW Madison with a BA in psychology, I moved back to Scotland and began veterinary school. I graduated from the School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh and returned to Milwaukee to begin my career as a small animal practitioner.

Animal friends at an early age

From 2009-2015, I worked at a local veterinary clinic, continuing to recognize the huge importance of veterinary behavior in helping my patients and  learning as much about it as I could. Over the years, I have had the privilege of studying with and learning from some of the world's foremost practitioners in the field of animal behavior, including doctors Temple Grandin, Karen Overall, Ian Dunbar and Sophia Yin.


During my years in general practice, I became frustrated that the conventional appointment structure often resulted in hurried exams and heightened stress and anxiety levels for my patients. I began to envision another way, where extra time could be taken with patients and owners in a calmer setting, with an emphasis on low-stress handling. Over time, the idea for Happy At Home Veterinary Care was born.

I currently reside in the Milwaukee area with my fiancé and incredibly spoiled rescued pets, Zorro the cat and Sheba the Rottweiler. I'm a committed animal welfare and rescue advocate and have a huge soft spot for older and special needs pets. In my spare time, I enjoy Latin dance, yoga, barre classes and of course spending lots of quality time with my furry children.


The human-animal bond continues to captivate and inspire me every day, and I feel very fortunate to be able to help others who feel the same way.

Practice Philosophy/Mission Statement


Happy at Home Veterinary Care is committed to providing individualized, high quality medical care for your pets.  We strive to treat both our patients and clients with the utmost compassion and respect, to give each patient our undivided attention and care and to ensure that all patient and client needs are thoroughly addressed. Our priority is creating a positive, low-stress experience for your pets at every visit and we are dedicated to continuing our professional education in all aspects of veterinary care and behavior to provide the highest standard of care for your pets.