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Services & Pricing

All prices listed include travel time, unless you are outside the standard service area (see image at the bottom of the page for travel fees, where applicable).

We do not offer in-home euthanasia. 
Please visit our referral listing here.


  • Exam: $150.00

  • Behavioral Consult: $180.00

  • Behavioral Teleconsult: $150.00

  • Teleconsult: $80.00

  • Extended Visit: $220.00


  • Basic Fecal: $48.00

  • Urinalysis: $65.00

  • 4DX: $48.00



  • Rabies: $50.00

  • DHPP: $50.00

  • Leptospirosis, Lyme, and Bordetella: $40.00 each


  • FVRCP: $50.00

  • Rabies (Purevax): $75.00


  • Anal Gland Expression: $30.00

  • Dog Nail Trim: $25.00

  • Cat Nail Trim: $15.00

Multiple pet discount: If two or more pets are seen at the same time, 5% will be deducted from each exam charge.


Ask us about additional services including: Vaccine titers, cytology, and Cytopoint injections.


In order to keep costs down for our clients I carry a limited inventory of medications, thus if I don’t happen to have the medication that you need for your pet with me, we can arrange to fill your pets’ medications at local or online pharmacies, depending on what suits your particular needs best.

SPECIAL NOTE: The ability to perform blood work and diagnostic testing during an in-home visit will be dependent on your pet's temperament and comfort level during the examination. If at any time the pet is experiencing fear, avoidance, aggression, and/or discomfort, an alternate course of action will be recommended at the sole discretion of Dr. Rebecca Feiring.



  • Within the pink outlined circle: No travel charge. Your exam fee is as listed above. 

  • Between the blue outlined and pink outlined circles: $40 travel charge. This charge will be added to your exam fee. 

  • Outside the blue outlined circle: Please contact us at (414) 514-0145 for a quote.

Policies and Terms


Payment will be collected when services are rendered. For your convenience, cash, personal checks Venmo, and most major credit cards are accepted.



Appointment cancellations must be made at least 8 hours in advance by contacting us via phone at (414) 514-0145 or via email at  A cancellation fee up to the full amount of your exam may be assessed for late cancellations.



Every effort will be made to be at your home at the scheduled appointment time, however due to the nature of a mobile business, please allow a 20 minute window following your appointment time in case delays arise.  If it looks likely that we will be delayed, we will call as soon as we are able to let you know.

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